Storyhelix Review 010: Bid the Gods Arise


I’ve recently been on a binge of reading shorter stories and books, such as Ariel’s Dream and Waiting for Appa. So Bid the Gods Arise is definitely a departure from this, and it’s a good thing. Robert Mullin‘s work is close to 500 pages long. It really fits the traditional, archetypal nature of the epic fantasy well.

The story follows the characters of several positions and people, mostly focusing on Aric, a young adult who is plagued by dreams and voices calling out to him in his sleep. His foil is found in his lively, devoted cousin Maurin, who is about to get married.

When Maurin and Aric are captured as Maurin’s wedding ceremony ensues, it’s just the beginning of their problems. Over the next several years, the two of them faced slavery, gladiator fights, corrupt underworld politics, and the perils of destiny and true love.

Things To Expect: 

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